Big B unhappy at home

From the very day, Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan has been discharged from hospital, he is unhappy. Reason is idealness. He has no work to do and is restricted at home for recovery process. Amitabh’s schedule used to be very hectic before he fell sick, he was totally absorbed in films, endorsements, press conference, social events etc. But following diagnosed with incisional hernia and after undergoing all sorts of treatment, he as per the advice of the doctors resting at home and is on the road to recovery. In the process, his life has come to a standstill.

Big B describes his new routine in the following words, "Inactivity is a curse. Deliberate inactivity, even worse...You get up without an aim. You attend to papers and morning formalities without an anxiety of what is needed to be done next. You remain sluggish and carefree. There is no schedule. Nowhere particular to go, to see, to meet, to administer. Time, therefore, is insufficient. There is no routine...When will I do something that is routine bound... I must be in routine. In activity. In work. In camera."

His blog further reads, "I must resign only when my desire to not breathe prevails. Right now, I am desirous of a deep breath."

We hope Amitabh get well soon and goes back to his old busy schedule!