Big B to give Holi a miss

The 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai has left a sad impression in one’s mind and heart. In the wake of the terror attack and in regard of the deceased, Big B has decided to give Holi a miss. In Big B’s residence, the festive of colors has always been celebrated with great pomp and show but for the last few years, they called off the celebration due to various factors.

Bachchan wrote in his blog’ “That joyous spirit has been dampened by the atrocities that our city faced on 26/11. In its wake somewhere inside us there is a reluctance to involve ourselves in any kind of exhibition. Professional work is understandable, but private excesses do not find favor in our hearts. And so shall we respect that. It is the right thing to do. It would have been recommended by the elders too, in whose memory we have often refrained from such activity.”

Bachchan specially mentioned that his family has stopped celebrating Holi after the sad demise of his father and mother.

Big B explained, “It (Holi) was one festival that we enjoyed liberally. The gates of the house were open to all, and the celebrations lasting till late in the evening from the morning. We have not done that for several years. My father’s ill health, his passing away, my mother’s ill health and her passing have always been respected. A year of mourning has been the practiced procedure.”