Big B spreads his fragrance all around

Amitabh B Pour Homme (for men) and Amitabh. B Pour Femme (for women) are the two fragrance that Big B endorsed way back in September 2002 in French. Now the company is working towards its brand new fragrance. They have decided to stick to their same ambassador and for finalizing another deal Big B is present in Paris. Talking about the launch of his second perfume, he says, "I do not know what name it will go by; that is still under discussion, but yes the fragrance will be a different one."

When he was asked whether his family use Amitabh B perfume, he replied, "My family and I have used my perfume and still continue to do so. We are now at the end of our stock and cannot procure any more because it sold out. Guess we shall have to wait for the new one now."

Talking about the new fragrance, Bachchan says, "In the initial talks I've had with the manufacturers, I have desired a stronger fragrance. India is a warm country and subtle fragrances tend to evaporate very fast. I have been given a few samples to test and shall indicate my preference at a later stage."

Lomani's Bachchan perfume priced Rs 795 a bottle and it is widely used perfume.