Big B speaks for wife Jaya

Bollywood actor Jaya Bachchan's comment on the Marathi language has created furor all over the Maharastra. Her remark has been misinterpreted by the MNS party and the chief of MNS Raj Thackeray strongly reacted on her remark. To calm the situation and to fulfill the demand of Raj, Jaya apologized to the people of Maharastra. But Raj refused to forgive her in spite of her unconditional apologies.

Big B spoke on behalf of his wife Jaya a day after Raj Thackeray rejected her apology in Mumbai Mirror. He posted on his blog, "The casual off-the-cuff remarks made by her at the music launch function were without malice or deliberate intent, but if it has caused hurt to the sentiments of Maharashtra, Maharashtrians and indeed the city and citizens of Mumbai, then she must seek regret and offer apology. Everything that we possess today is what came to us from this great state and city."

"Mumbai and
Maharashtra has given us glory and recognition. I am 66 years old and 40 of those years have been spent living in Mumbai. Is it ever possible that we will dishonor it? Never!" the actor posted.