Big B refuses award

Amitabh Bachchan expressed his sympathy to the Indian students attacked in Australia by rejecting the award that was conferred to him by the Australian University. The Queensland University of Technology selected Amitabh for the award on looking at his outstanding contribution to the world of cinema. He is to be felicitated in July in Brisbane but on the wake of the recent attack, Big B politely rejected the honor.  

Amitabh Bachchan expressed his views as why he rejected the honor, "I have been witnessing with great dismay and shock, the recent violent attacks on Indian students in Australia, on the electronic media the entire day,"

"I mean no disrespect to the Institution that honours me, but under the present circumstances, where citizens of my own country are subjected to such acts of inhuman horror, my conscience does not permit me to accept this decoration from a country that perpetrates such indignity to my fellow countrymen," the actor added.

One of the injured, Shravan Kumar nearly survived. Another student, Saurabh Sharma is half burn and fighting against death.