Bhakhtiyaar Irani quits Bigg Boss for Rs 1 million

Television actor Bhakhtiyaar Irani has accepted Rs 1 million and voluntary walked out of the Bigg Boss house when every contestant was given the option to either stay in the house for the final result to be declared or leave the show with 1 million.

Bhaktiyaar who always feels defeated in every stage of his life finally decided to accept the good price money and walked out voluntarily. “There was a bag full of money on the table. I had two options. Either to be one of the winners or to be one of the people clapping for the winner. I didn’t want to be the latter. I evalued the pros and cons and decided this was better,” the actor told after coming out.

Bhaktiyaar earlier took part in the reality shows like Nach Baliye and Hans Baliye. He has seen many ups and downs in Bigg Boss house and many a times seen shedding tears for his wife Tanaaz who was evicted in the early episode.

In the house, he gelled well with model Aditi Gowariker.