Bebo tops the Filmfare power list

There has been a steady flow of awards in Kareena Kapoor’s way. She is on cloud nine with so many achievements and running short of space to place those awards at her home. Adding another feather on her hat is the position of the most powerful actress in the industry with her inclusion in the Filmfare power list for 2009.

What makes the status more powerful is that she is the only women in the male dominated list. Hence, it proves how stronger and powerful she is. Bebo not only ranks higher in film offers but she is also the face of prominent products. Ad makers are running after her with whopping amount to sign her for their product. 

Sources close to her said that Kareena feels very obliged to be present amongst the greats of the film industry, and it’s her shear hard work which has bought her till here. This year she has many good releases. On looking at the speed at which Kareena Kapoor is progressing, it indicates that days are nor far when Bebo will rule the industry.