Bebo to be part of Saif's family get-together

Though officially Kareena is yet to become Saif's begum, the Nawab Khandan has already accepted her as an integral part of the family. So barring her they cannot think of organizing any ceremony. Therefore, Bebo has been invited to take part at the annual get-together of Saif’s family, which takes place every year at the ancestral home of Pataudis in Haryana.

Both Saif's father and mother are very much fond of Bebo and happy to see their son leading an organized life with her. Pataudi and Sharmila met Kareena many times and are highly impressed with their son’s choice. The get-together is usually held every year in the winter season (December). It happens to be a highly sophisticated ceremony where all family members from different corners of the world take a week long break and spend time together at Pataudi's abode.

It is known to all that Kareena-Saif is couple and Chotte Nawab finds fortunate in introducing his would be life partner to his other family members.