Bebo set to fulfill her grandfather's dream

Kareena Kapoor hailed from the well-known Kapoor family, she followed the footstep of her father and grandfather and took up acting as career. Today she is carrying forward the legacy of her Khandaan with much pride and honor. Though she is the most sought after star of Bollywood, she carries a heart of simplicity and respect for her ancestors and parents. She is all set to fulfill the dream of her grandfather Raj Kapoor who dreamt of building a good school for the poor and the downtrodden that will offer free world class education.

Joining her in this noble deed is her sister Karishma Kapoor. She along with her sister Karishma is all set to fulfill the dream of their grandfather who died before converting his dream into reality. Raj Kapoor always wanted to do something for the poor. But before he could convert his dream into reality, he left for the heavenly abode. Now his grand-daughter who is doing great him her career and earning in crores is going to fulfill his dream.

She has decided to spend Rs 15 crore for the purpose and invest even more if required.