Bebo, Saif's Valentine's Day plan

Like Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan will also not get time to spend together on this Valentine's Day. The couples will be busy with their respective shoots but that doesn't dishearten our Bebo at all as her tall, dark and handsome (This is the way she mentioned about Saif) is always with her and they don’t need to be together specially on Valentine’s Day.

"I knew that I'd be asked what I was going to do on Valentine's. I'm working on V-Day, and as it is, I don’t believe in all this. My tall, dark and handsome is always with me!" she says. Today, Kareena Kapoor is working round the clock and will not get any relaxation on that particular day to spend time with boyfriend. The case is same for Saif also, he too is working 24/7.

But both hardly will be missing each other on that day because whenever both are in India shooting in nearby location, they make a point to meet. Saif and Bebo is again in news for their on-screen kiss in Rensil D'Silva’s film. At first Kareena was little hesitant to kiss Saif but later on Saif's compellation, she became ready for the scene.