Bebo’s childhood dream

Kareena Kapoor from childhood cherished the dream of becoming an air-hostess. She had a great desire to fly higher and higher and go around the world but when the appropriate time came to convert her dream into reality, her father raised a big objection and Bebo’s career took a complete U-turn.

She said, “I wanted to be an air hostess and fly the world, but my father was very against that. Then came the lawyer phase, where I went to Govt. Law College for six months and ran away because of the books.”

Though not as an air-hostess, Kareena is flying higher and going around the globe being an actress and she is happy for that. Bebo is quite content with the progress she has made in her personal and professional life and feels lucky enough to find a beau like Saif Ali Khan who understands her like nobody.

She added, “The fact that I am not the heroine of his (Saif Ali Khan) first production just goes to show that we have our complete different zones when we work. Saif Ali Khan is actually the guy who has wanted to be single all his life, run away from relationships, run away from commitment, but he always tells me ‘you are actually the only girl that I really wanted to commit to.’ But he is supportive and understands that she is at 'a stage which every girl would want to be at in their career' and for that, I love him even more.”