Bebo can’t sleep without Saif

Hold, before you draw any conclusion, let me clarify that Kareena Kapoor wanted beau Saif Ali Khan to be the last person she must see before going to bed. Off late, she has made this revelation that she can’t sleep without looking Saif's face at night.

But Bebo knows very well that it is impossible before marriage and that she has to wait till then. At the same time, she admits that Saif is not the first face that she gets to see when opens her eyes in the morning but it is her yoga teacher that breaks her sleep and wishes Good Morning.  

Kareena Kapoor’s first hour is completely dedicated to yoga and taking nutritious food. Every morning, she eats a plate of fruits and does yoga. “It is only when I have finished that do I get around to answering phones or even asking what my itinerary for the day is”, says Bebo.

How much Bebo is committed to yoga and physical exercises is quite understandable.