Bebo breaks down into tears

Kareena Kapoor became a scapegoat when she appeared on a musical reality show to promote her film, 'Golmaal 3'. The host played a prank on her without her knowledge and the joke was so emotional and touchy that she broke down into tears.

The host of the show made an announcement stating "Today we have amongst us a very special guest. A man whose association with Raj Kapoor Saab was very close. A man who has cradled Kareena when she was a toddler, etc. He is a noted technician of yore and today, at the sunset of his life, he leads a lonely life and is in deep financial trouble".

On hearing the story of the man, she was moved and full of teary. The audience maintained a pin dropped silent when the old feeble man was brought into the stage on a wheel chair. The atmosphere was complete mum. On entering the host paid homage to the man and revealed his identity that he was a technician in Bollywood who worked hard but unfortunately his efforts seldom get noticed.

The dialogue was so emotional that it moved Bebo’s heart and teary Kareena went to the stage with a cheque of 8 laks. She handed over the cheque to the man which he accepted with shaky hands. Bebo was about to touch the feet of the man when he got up from his wheel chair and removed his wig. He was none other than comedian Vrajesh Hirjee.

Kareena sporting accepted the joke and said, "Thank God I did not touch his feet." Kareena Kapoor broke into laughter and in spite of being a scapegoat, she enjoyed the incident more than anyone else.