BCCI forbids Poonam Pandey from striping

Guys who are desperately waiting for Poonam Pandey to strip down has to stop waiting because Poonam Pandey won’t be stripping. BCCI dismissed Poonam’s request to go nude if India wins the world cup. Poonam was ready to keep her promise but the board forbids her from stripping down.

Poonam in an interview said why she stepped back from her promise, “I feared for my life. I had even given my manager a letter to send to the BCCI to allow me to strip privately as public stripping is a crime, but they didn't allow me. I couldn't have just hit the road and got naked because people wanted to see me do that. It was supposed to be fun but it took an ugly turn. I was threatened. I switched off my cell and tried to figure out my next step and how to deal with the court case. I went underground but I didn't flee the city”.

Well, this publicity gimmick proved blessing in disguise for Poonam. She was offered many shows and very recently, she will be seen taking part in ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ season 4.