'Race 2' blends high-voltage action with oodles of glamour

The film “Race 2” is one of the highly anticipated films. This multi-starrer film is the first big Bollywood release of 2013. It has been directed by the duo of Abbas- Mustan, who has carved a niche for themselves. They have offered the audiences stylishly made suspense thrillers like “Baazigar”, “Ajnabee”, “Race” and so on.

“Race 2” is a sequel to action-thriller “Race” that had been a huge hit in the year 2008. “Race 2” retains Saif Ali Khan and Anil Kapoor from the original cast. John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandes, Deepika Padukone and Amisha Patel join this cast in “Race 2”. Bipasha Basu who was also seen in “Race” has a cameo in the film. Her character of Sonia provides the link between these two films.

“Race 2” takes up from the point where the first part of the film ended. Ranveer played by Saif and Sonia are seen living together in the sequel. However, Sonia is killed in the film mysteriously. Like the previous film, “Race 2” then begins delivering its audiences with surprising twists and turns.

Saif extends his original character in this film. John Abraham acts it out as a mafia don named Armaan Malik, while Jacqueline plays his love-interest. Anil Kapoor too portrays the role of a cop as he did in the first film.

Deepika has revealed that her role is that of a seductress.  Her looks in the film have been praised by the audience. She also revealed that the film though action packed has been injected with sufficient splodges of glamour. She said, in a recent interview, “I play a character of a seductress called Aleena, Who uses her Looks to achieve whatever she wants. This is something very new to me. I have never played such a character in my career so far.”

Talking about Race 2, Saif had earlier said, “Race 2 starts almost the very second Race ends. You leave one frame and enter another, but it is not important for you to see the first part to enjoy the second part.”

He also spoke about sequels at length saying, “When I did Main Khiladi Tu Anari (1994), we were contemplating on a sequel to it. But then the idea was dropped because at that time, sequels didn't used to happen. But things change... There are some films that lend themselves to a sequel, and the Race franchise lends itself perfectly.”

“Race 2” releases today in 50 countries worldwide including Vietnam and Morocco.