Barfi leaves a lingering fragrance of love for its audience

Love is a sweet feeling. It doesn’t always need to be put into words. That’s what ‘Barfi’ tries to tell us.

Anurag Basu’s ‘Barfi’ has released today. Barfi’s (played by Ranbir Kapoor) mother passes away soon after he is born. He is named as Murphy.  He is deaf and dumb but full of life. Barfi goofs around. There is spring in every step that he takes. With great difficulty he utters his name as ‘brrpheee’, when he actually wanted to mean Murphy. People take it as Barfi and hence he is called Barfi by all in neighborhood. Barfi is always the talk of the town. His quirkiness, smile and gestures win everyone’s heart. Anurag definitely didn’t want to evoke sympathy for the character of Barfi.

During promotion, Ranbir had said, “That is incidental in this film that he cannot hear or speak. It was a load of fun because Basu and me jointly decided that we are going to make this character a lot of fun. We are going to model him on the lines of Chaplin, Mr Bean, Buster Keaton and play him like that. A lot of dumb charades, a lot of physical comedy, a lot of physical antics, express yourself physically. ”

One day a new girl comes to Barfi’s town, Darjeeling. Shruti Ghosh (played by Ileana D’Cruz) is a Bengali girl with a deadly charm. Barfi loses his heart at first sight. The two share a truly magical relationship. They go together on a bicycle ride, share lot of time together – without speaking. The moment to behold is the kissing scene between the two. It’s serene and beautiful. It’s difficult to think Ileana is making debut with this film. She seems so much at ease with her character. Her bonding with Ranbir in the film is excellent.

Barfi and Shruti are however separated, as Shruti’s mother (played by Rupa Ganguly), wants her to marry a normal guy. Heartbroken, Barfi becomes affectionate with Jhilmil (played by Priyanka Chopra). Jhilmil is an autistic person, is regretted and banished by her parents. They send her to a child care home. Her innocent look and gaze to find what’s happening in this mad world captures the viewers mind.

Ranbir has taken his acting one notch higher with this movie. He can be now counted in those few actors in Bollywood who are capable of doing character roles.

A truly engaging film, Barfi is worth the watch.