Barbara thinks about Hrithik

Ever since Barbara Mori landed in Mumbai to shoot for Kites, the camaraderie seen between her and Hrithik was remarkable. Barbara is Hrithik's guest and he took care of her utmost. Even when her mother and sister visited India, Hrithik took care of their comfort and discomfort. He arranged good hotel for them and always available to help them when they needed. Barbara also did not lag behind to show her humbleness towards him. When Hrithik got hurt on the set of Kites, the Mexican beauty stood by his side and landed him full support.

On looking Hrithik bleeding, she was moved and accompanied him to the hospital. Time to time, she enquired about his health. Her gesture showed that their relationship is beyond professionalism. Though she is Hrithik's guest only for few days, she thanked him for all what he has done for her and for her family while their stay in India.

Hrithik hurt his wrist at the Filmsthan studio while shooting a stunt scene. Kites is the most awaited flick of 2009 starring Kangana Ranaut along with Hrithik and Barbara.