Barbara disappoints with ‘Kites’ outcome

Mexican beauty Barbara Mori left with disappointment when the much anticipated ‘Kites’ failed to impress the Indian audience. The response is amazing in the US, people liked Hrithik and Barbara’s combination but in India the response is cool. When expectation is sky-high and one does not get the desired result then feeling disappointment is obvious. Barbara who was back in India for the film promotion also planned to visit the Taj Mahal but the outcome of the film was so disheartening that she cancelled her plan to visit the monument.

On Friday afternoon, Hrithik and Barbara visited various multiplexes and the theatres across Mumbai to see the response as well as to interact with fans but when the poor response of the film started to pour in, they were heartbroken. Indian people did not like the movie much and it received a mixed response. Barbara argued, “It’s a little different from Bollywood films. Kites has got a lot of Hollywood mixed with Mexican culture and then packaged in Bollywood. It’s a different experience”.

Barbara speaks about what went wrong with the movie, “The problem IS what the film is about. Kites is about two people who cannot understand each other. She’s from Mexicoand doesn’t speak English. He’s from Indiaand he doesn’t speak Spanish. And they fall in love. My brother thinks it is my best film to date. Friends in New Yorkenjoyed it too.”

About visiting Taj Mahal, Barbara said that she might be visiting Taj when she will again come to India for her next movie if she gets.