Ban on Shahrukh Khan at Wankhede stadium still in force

The magic that Shah Rukh Khan weaves over millions of his fans from the silver screen, did not work on the authorities of the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai last year when the megastar got into a scuffle with the security guards who had prevented his daughter and her friends from entering the grounds. A ban of five years was imposed on Shah Rukh Khan by the MCA (Mumbai Cricket Association). On 7th May, Khan’s team Kolkata Knight Riders will face the Mumbai Indians on this stadium. However, there is little chance that the ban on King Khan will be lifted by then or that he will be able to watch the match from the stadium grounds.

Shah Rukh has repeatedly expressed regret for the incident at different venues including a few days ago in Kolkata. "In retrospect, I should not have behaved like that. On the other hand, it`s not something that I really think about. It`s quite cool," said the star. But MCA does not show any sign of relenting. They are not interested in such roundabout apologies and the matter can be considered only if Khan apologized to them directly. "The apology has not been addressed to the MCA directly. If he comes directly to the MCA, then we can consider his apology," said Ravi Sawant, the president of MCA.

When Shah Rukh was asked what he would do if he is not allowed into the stadium on the day of the match, he jokingly replied, "I don`t want to sound politically incorrect but what will they do if I enter? Shoot me?" he said. "I don`t know...Otherwise it has to be the masks, I`ll have to wear them with a false moustache and stuff like that. But I am not going to take any chances. I will wait outside the Wankhede and cheer for my boys.”

"As long as my team is allowed inside the Wankhede Stadium, it`s fine. We will win the match. I don`t need to be there to win the match," he declared.

Even if he apologizes directly, the matter is unlikely to be settled by Tuesday. "He was banned by the MCA managing committee and any decision to overturn the ban can only be taken by it, which seems unlikely given that the match is scheduled on Tuesday," said MCA sources.