Backstage Shahrukh, Arjun hug and patch-up

Here is a good news. Shahrukh Khan has finally patched up with his good friend Arjun Rampal. Shahrukh and Arjun had a fall out and following which both stopped interacting with each other. But now all is well between the two and they have mended all their differences. It all happened at a recent award function.

It was Shahrukh who extended the olive branch. At an award function, Shahrukh spotted Arjun Rampal outside the venue talking with Chunky Pandey. The superstar came out for some reason and saw Arjun chatting with Chunky. He came forward to Arjun, chatted with him, hugged him and both broke the cold ice.

Shahrukh and Arjun’s friendship dates back to ‘Om Shanti Om’ days, later on they worked in few movies together. Personally as well as professionally they were very close. Arjun was part of SRK’s camps and gradually their proximity grows up.

According to an eye-witness, "Shah Rukh left the stage after his performance and went back stage. He had parked his vanity van near the exit so that he could change quickly."

Shahrukh’s missing from recently held Hrithik Roshan’s birthday at yacht also raised many eyebrows. It was actually for practicing for this same event Shahrukh missed Hrithik’s birthday.

When Shahrukh came out to his vanity van, Arjun who was standing outside waved to SRK. SRK, who was surrounded by his bodyguards. "SRK waved back at him, smiling," says the eye witness.

SRK joined the two, "He greeted Chunkey and enquired about his well being. He hugged Arjun and had a quick chat with him."

There was no awkwardness at all, "Not at all," claimed the eyewitness. "SRK and Arjun seemed extremely cordial. That's what it appeared like."

The interaction continued for couple of minutes and after that SRK left for his vanity van leaving Arjun and Chunky at the same place.

Arjun Rampal reportedly had a fallout with SRK over cuts made to his role in RA.One. Their relationship got bitter when Arjun tried to persuade Shahrukh to put an end to his alleged affair with Priyanka Chopra. Shahrukh did not like anyone to interfere on his personal matter and he cut ties with him but things are getting better now.