Bachchans pinning hopes for Sarkar Raj success

Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan in Sarkar RajAt the present moment, one hit film is an urgent requirement for the Bachchan family to establish their prowess in Bollywood and it is even more important for director Ram Gopal Varma to squash off all the comments that he had received for remaking Sholay. The Bachchans are pinning high hopes for the success of the film as it stars all three of them and in case of its failure, it will harm the career and reputation of all three of them.

To seek the blessing of their divine intervention, they covered miles on foot from Pratiksha to Siddhivinayak to attend the evening prayer which is considered to be holy. Moreover, they have widely promoted the music and the film amidst huge media glare. They left no stone unturned to promote their film. It is a sequel to Sarkar and Aishwarya is the new member added to the Nagre family. She is playing a CEO of an international company who comes from abroad to build up a power plant in India. Hope, Sarkar Raj will rule at the box office.