Asin’s aide missing, she is in legal hassle

Asin who has taken Bollywood by storm with the success of ‘Ghajini’ has been tapped in a legal hassle. A case has been filed against her by the mother of her missing assistant, S. Vadivu. She charges Asin of abusing his son, N. Muthu Kumar who was employed with Asin for four years. However, Asin has denied the charges against her.

A special police squad flew to Mumbai to investigate the matter and the star revealed that after he has gone missing, he called up her several times asking for huge sum of money.

'After the aide left my employment, he has called me several times asking for money up to Rs.15 lakh (Rs.1.5 million) to settle unpaid bills though I am in no way concerned with his problems. I have, however, offered to cooperate with the police personnel to find Kumar in Mumbai,' Asin said in a statement.

'While Asin's father Joseph claimed to have sacked my son after he joined the Mumbai underworld several days ago, Asin has been saying different things and now I suspect Kumar is being detained because he knows the family's dirty secrets,' Vadivu said.

'I am afraid that if I speak out, my son's life will be endangered,' she added.

However, Asin claimed all the accusations wrong.