Asin reveals her love

Ever since Asin featured opposite Salman Khan in ‘London dreams’, their alleged love affair became a juicy topic of discussion for the cine-goers. But the south sensation stopped the public from speaking about her affair with Salman by making a public statement that she has a soft corner for Salman Khan but she is in love with someone else. Now she revealed who the lucky guy is. He is her childhood love as she has grown up fantasizing him.

Asin’s deepest love is the 'oldest teenager of the world' Archie- protagonist of Archie comics. She was stuck by the comic character and love to read the comic series from the age of nine. The ‘Ghajini’ gal even carried them along and reads in her free time. Now this piece of news may give some relief to Asin’s die hard fans who dream to be the darling of her heart.

After debuting stunningly in ‘Ghajini’, Asin is all set to steal the audience heart with ‘London Dreams’ starring Salman and Ajay Devgan.