Asin denies refusing Farah Khan’s offer

The latest rumor that is doing the rounds is that south sensation Asin refused Farah Khan’s offer. The news hit the headlines that she refused to act opposite Shahrukh Khan in ‘Happy New Year’. The actress turned red hot with the false rumor and totally denied rejecting Farah Khan’s offer whom she adores so much.

Asin quips, "I am extremely upset with this rumour that has obviously been floated by vested interests. I don't understand how such rumours crop up.  Farah Khan is a close friend of mine there is no way I can refuse her. There was never any discussion over the movie. This news is utter rubbish”.

Even Farah Khan denied approaching Asin. She said that the rumor is a complete fabrication and she has not even completed the script.

Asin will be next seen in Vipul Shah’s ‘London Dreams’ starring Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan.