Ashmit makes Veena Malik cry

At one moment they fight and shout at one another but at the other moment they hug and kiss. Their love story is very confusing and keeps on swinging very fast. Ashmit Patel and Veena Malik, the hottest couple in the Bigg Boss house got into a heated argument over the new balancing task allotted by Bigg Boss. Ashmit was frustrated as he has got only two hours of sleep and was again called by Veena and Dolly.

He shouted at Dolly when Veena intervened and both got into a scuffle. Ashmit asked Veena to go and sleep but she did not listen, Ashmit blamed Dolly for the entire mess. Veena strongly reacted to Ashmit’s behavior and said that he has been rude to her from three to four days. Ashmit asked Veena to keep shut. Veena was hurt and she started shedding tears.

In the late hours, when Ashmit and Veena was managing the house, suddenly they forgot the entire quarrel and came closer. Veena gets cozy with Ashmit and then they started their odd games of hugging and kissing.