Asha Bhosle files FIR against Sadhna

Veteran actress Sadhna has been tenant of singer Asha Bhosle’s bungalow for over 50 years. Asha has filed an FIR at the police station against her tenant and yesteryear actress Sadhana, alleging that Sadhna is not allowing her to use the garden of her bungalow in suburban Khar.

Following the complaint, police have started to inquire into the matter.

The said 68-year-old actress, known for lead roles in films like 'Mera Saya', 'Woh Kaun Thi' to name a few, has been staying on the ground floor of the two-storeyed 'Sangeeta' bungalow owned by the singer.

Besides Sadhna, builder Yusuf Lakdawala stays on the second floor whereas actress Baby Naaz lives on the first floor, police said adding all the three are tenants.

"Sadhana Nayyar is the tenant in respect of the ground floor premises only. However, she is wrongly claiming tenancy in respect of the garden abutting the ground floor premises in Sangeeta bungalow by creating record as also restricting free and unhindered access to the garden to me and my representatives/servants/agents. The said garden is in my possession," Bhosle said in a writing she had submitted to Santacruz police station last month.

"My uninterrupted lawful possession of the said premises is now being sought to be disturbed with malafied intentions by the said Sadhana on a false pretext and by obstructing and interfering with the entry/access to the said premises by her representatives/servants/agents," she said.

The singer said she was approaching the police to file an FIR and take immediate action against Sadhna over her alleged claim of tenancy in respect of the garden.

"The garden was never let out to her. The same always remained in my possession," Bhosle stated in the complaint.