Asha Bhonsle and Sachin Tendulkar come together for 'Mai'

At a recent event two legends from different fields of work came together. It was the music launch of the film “Mai” that witnessed Asha Bhonsle and Sachin Tendulkar share the same space.

“Mai” is a Marathi film that is Asha Bhonsle’s debut film. The event was graced by the veteran Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, who lately declared his superannuation from ODIs- One-Day Internationals.

At the launch which was held at a five-star suburban hotel, the renowned singer said that Sachin was one of the greatest and most modest persons that she had met.

Asha Bhonsle even said, “I’ve known him since he was a 16-year-old boy.” She also added “As I watched him grow up and saw the way he handled his life and fame, it’s really inspiring.”

She continued by saying, “Insaaniyat (humanity) is the most important thing. Whenever I’ve seen him, there is so much love and respect for me from him. Whenever I’ve called on him, he will always come. He will never say that he has to play and can’t come. Even today, he has come (Sachin Tendulkar is busy preparing for the Mumbai’s Ranji Trophy final that will be held against Saurashtra; starting on the 26th of January). There is a lot of insaaniyat and humbleness in him.”

Tendulkar was invited to the event as the guest of honor. There he declared that it was his family that inspired him to get where he is today. He also spared a moment to thank his cricketing fraternity for their support and love.

He was quoted as saying, “It started with my family. First, it was my father and my two brothers. Then, it was my wife and her parents. It’s a family thing. At every stage in life, along the way, certain people inspire you.”

He also added, “Finally, I’m very grateful for all the warmth and affection I’ve got from Indian cricket.”

When he was asked about his preferred Asha Bhonsle song, he said, “Ashaji had sung ‘In aankhonki masti mein’ for Anjali and me recently.”

Asha Bhonsle has sung millions of songs and today at the age of 79 years she is debuting as an actress. Sachin too has had an impressive cricketing career of 23 years. When asked if he would like to try other avenues he said, “[It’s] Only cricket for now while I’m playing. Let’s leave the rest for later.”