Aishwarya turns villain

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has stolen all the limelight as she walked the red carpet of Pink Panther 2 in pink gown in Spain. It is reported that though brief, her role in the movie is very crucial and interesting. She is the real villain of the flick whom the entire investigation department  looks for. She becomes one among them and moves around with the team in hunt of the thief who has stolen the Pink Panther diamond. 

Aishwarya plays the role of Sonia Solandres, a criminology expert, in the film. Being one with them throughout, she keeps on throwing dust in their eyes. But in the end, Inspector Clouseau discover that Sonia, played by Ash, is the real culprit and she is not a criminology expert. “The climax has a fight scene where Ash even kicks some butt and tries to flee. But eventually, she gets caught and is put behind bars,” says the source.

Ash recently moved along with her co-star Steve Martin around the globe to promote the film.