Ash to play mother to Bipasha in international film on Taj Mahal

Sir Ben Kingsley is all set to play Shah Jehan in an international film based on the Taj Mahal. And it seems that he has roped in some of bollywood’s most pretty ladies to star opposite him in his production. Aishwarya Rai will play Shah Jehan’s wife Mumtaz in the film. He has also roped in Bipasha Basu to play Ash’s daughter Jahanara Begum in the film. Well it seems like that’s one hell of a mother-daughter duo on-screen, Ash and Bips. However one definitely wonders if Ash will agree to play mother to actress Bips who is quite close to her own age?
Sir Ben Kingsley will be co-producing the film and is a four time academy award winner, he has already worked with Ash in The Last Legion and that’s when he asked her to play Mumtaz Mahal in his Taj Mahal production. She promptly agreed at the time. Sir Ben also met Bipasha Basu while co-hosting the Seven Wonders of the World with her in Lisbon and thought that she would suit the role of Mumtaz’s daughter Jahanara Begum. Bips confirms the news saying “We hit it off like a house on fire. Ben is so much fun. And when he offered me this role I was fascinated.” Bips though also admits that the dates for the film have still to be worked out.

However we wonder what Ash has to say now that Bips will be seen playing her daughter in the film, will she agree to play mommy to Bips? Ash has played a mother in a few films earlier like the recent Guru opposite hubby Abhishek; however this will be the first time that Ash will be seen playing mother to another bollywood actress. Ash and Bips have worked together in the film Dhoom 2, but did not have many scenes together. It will be interesting to see both the beautiful women interact together on-screen especially as a mother-daughter duo.