Ash’s mom gives her approval to Abhishek Bachchan

Hottest bollywood couple Ash-Abhi have been spotted together on several occasions and at various functions. Though both Ash-Abhi have continuously denied their relationship, they ironically continue to make several public appearances together. There has also been a lot of speculation regarding the couple tying the knot some time next year, but once again the couple have denied these rumours. Ash has been spotted with the Bachchans on several occasions, she keeps meeting up with the family and was recently even spotted with the Bachchans at Varanasi joining in the family pooja . Well it now seems that Ash’s family too is beginning to accept Abhishek as the man in Ash’s life.
Recently according to sources Ash was accompanied by her mom, Vrinda Rai and beau Abhishek when she went to Paris. It seemed like the trio were pretty comfortable together and Abhi as usual charmed both the Rai women. In fact the two Rai women and Abhsihek were spotted at an airport lounge in Paris waiting to check in. A source says “Ash came with Abhishek and as soon as they entered the airport, they caught everyone’s attention.” Many of their fans clicked pictures of the two bollywood stars on their mobile camera phones. Ash was in Paris to shoot a commercial and had taken her mother along. Abhishek too tagged along. According to sources some time back Mrs. Rai was not too fond of Abhishek and did not think it wise for her little girl to be seeing him. There were also rumours of her trying to convince Ash that Abhi was not the one for her after their supposed ‘kundlis’ did not match. But all that now seems to be in the past and Ash’s mother finally seems to be coming around to the fact that Abhishek and Ash are seeing each other.

Earlier both Abhishek as well as Ash’s family were apprehensive of Ash-Abhi’s relationship, but later both families decided to accept it and are gradually warming up to their children’s choice. Supposedly Ash has also been personally invited by Amitabh Bachchan to attend the premiere of Baabul. Ash-Abhi will soon be seen in Mani Ratnam’s film Guru together. The promos are already on air and it looks like this one may just give a boost to their on-screen chemistry.