Ash prays hard for the success of her forthcoming films

Ash seems to be making quite an effort at giving sound bytes to the media and promoting her forthcoming films. Ash recently attended the music launch of her forthcoming film Umrao Jaan. Ash stars alongside beau Abhishek Bachchan in the film and plays a courtesan in this epic film made famous by Rekha. However Ash was recently in the news for the kind of cap that she was seen wearing in one of the promos of the film. The cap or ‘topi’ was termed as unauthentic to be used in this period film. However J.P Dutta director of the film is unconcerned about people terming the ‘topi’ as unauthentic and claims that it is people’s ignorance of the subject that makes them make these kinds of remarks. Well at the musical launch of Umrao Jaan, Ash looked radiant in a sari and dazzled the crowds with her charming smile. She was seen bonding with Amitabh at the event but unfortunately co-star Abhishek could not make it for the event.
Ash was recently also seen paying homage to Durga Ma at a temple in the suburbs. Ash who is a devotee of Durga Ma makes it a point to visit the temple every year on the occasion of Durga pooja. This time too Ash turned up for the event but was seen at 7 am in the morning before any of the other worshippers could even arrive. Ash was devoid of any make up and was dressed in simple clothes and made her way right in front of the deity. Well that’s what we call true devotion. And with quite a few releases lined up, Ash sure needs to pray hard!

Abhishek Bachchan’s wise comments

Abhishek Bachchan is definitely flying high these days and the actor is also known for his cheeky remarks. Recently though Abhi’s wise comments got him into a bit of a tight spot. According to sources when Abhishek was at an international airport and was being checked like all the other passengers, he said “Should I drop my pants too’. Airport officials were a bit taken aback by his wise remark and were definitely not too amused with his wise cracks. However Abhi claims that he never said anything like that and that he does not use language like that with anyone.

Recently the actor was also voted as one of the Sexiest Asian men; however Abhi claimed that he didn’t think he deserved the title. Well Abhishek a simple thank you would have been appreciated by all your fans who voted for you. Abhishek will also be seen promoting a Bhojpuri film starring his dad Amitabh. The film Ganga is also the debut film of Amitabh’s make-up man Deepak Sawant and also stars Hema Malini and Nagma. Abhi will be seen doing a casual voiceover promoting the film and introducing the starcast. Well in times when fathers are busy launching their sons, it’s nice to see son Abhishek backing his dad’s film.

Karan Johar strongly affected by Lage Raho Munnabhai

Everybody is still raving about Lage Raho Munnabhai and the revival of its Gandhisim ethics. The film has touched the lives of many people and many of them have decided to change their lifestyles after watching this film. While the cast and crew are definitely on a major high after the super success of Lage Raho Munnabhai, the film has also decided to make a separate single entry for the Oscars as Rang De Basanti was chosen as the Oscar entry from India. However Sanjay Dutt who plays Munnabhai in the film was a bit disappointed when Lage Raho Munnabhai was not chosen as the official entry to the Oscars as he feels the Gandhi theme is universal and people all over the world are familiar with Gandhi and his teachings. Nonetheless Saju baba tries to be the bigger man and says “Aamir Khan is no doubt one of the finest actors in bollywood.”

However apart from the common man being affected by the film, well known director Karan Johar too claims to be strongly affected by the film. In fact Karan was so touched by the film that he is actually contemplating giving up the superstition of his fixation with the letter ‘K’. Karan has been extremely superstitious about the letter, such that he feels it is a must for him to begin all his ventures with the letter ‘K’ for them to be successful. Karan says “When I walked out of the cinema after watching Lage Raho Munnabhai in New York I thought I should drop the letter ‘K’. It was the effect the film had on me. It inspires you to tell the truth and fills you with inspiration. So if I drop the letter ‘K’, it will be courtesy Munnabhai.” It has also inspired him to live in the present and not always find out about the future, but on the contrary let the future unravel itself gradually.

Preity Zinta plays tourist guide to Salman Khan in New York

Salman has been to many parts of the world for his film shootings including the Big Apple New York, however he has been there mostly for shows and concerts and has never really got the time to visit some good tourist spots as well as check out happening places in NY. So finally when Salman was shooting for Sajid Nadiadwala’s film Jaanemann in New York he decided to check out the place. But for this he needed someone who knew their way around and so he picked Preity Zinta as his personal tour guide as she is pretty well versed with New York. And Preity did turn out to be a well informed guide as she took them to several tourist destinations around the city.

Preity took them to visit the oldest and largest wholesale fish market, Fulton Fish Market, they also visited the trendy and most visited restaurant Sylvia’s restaurant and they also visited a street known as Restaurant Row which had 23 dining spots lined up. They also went shopping and sightseeing. Preity Zinta has a good memory and took her co-stars to several interesting places. Well the Jaanemann cast and crew seemed to have a great time even while working. Now the three stars of the film are also set to walk the ramp. Preity, Salman and Akshay Kumar will scorch the ramp for the Lycra MTV Style Awards 2006 on October 14.

Vidya Balan upset with publicity gimmicks for Salaam-E-Ishq

Recently the media has been in a tizzy and has been publishing articles and pictures about the alleged relationship between Vidya and Salaam-E-Ishq co star John Abraham. Rumours of an alleged relationship between John and Vidya started circulating around the same time as rumours of John and girlfriend Bipasha Basu splitting. Recently too it was said that while shooting for Salaam-E-Ishq, John and Vidya were shooting a sequence which required them both to be under a dupatta. However according to sources even after the director canned the shot the two stars were lingering under the dupatta. Even director Nikhil Advani does not deny the rumours of his two stars link-up but claims ignorance about the situation. John too who is wildly denying rumours of an affair with Mallika Sherawat is uncannily quiet on the link up with Vidya.

According to a friend of the actress “Vidya doesn’t want to talk about the issue and give it undue importance. According to her it has become a norm to link people before the release of a film in an attempt to promote the film.” Vidya herself refuses to confirm or deny the rumours and simply states “I don’t have time for love. It’s just work, work and work for me.” Well at this point of time it looks like no one is too keen to deny the rumours of an affair between Vidya and John.