Ash laughs at Abhi

Former Miss World and Bahu of the Bachchan family, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is more than happy with the success of her hubby. Abhishek's last flick Drona failed to create magic at the box office but he had bounced back with Dostana. The film dealing with gay factor impressed one and all and Ash could not stop praising her dearest husband for his fabulous performance which made her laugh to the utmost.

What you feel about Abhishek playing gay?

"I obviously thought he was fantastic. He was very entertaining and really funny in the film but if I say that you guys will accuse me for being biased. But, the fact is that it is very fantastic when you the viewer, you the critic and the audience come up appreciating it and the way they have come up has really been overwhelming. It is very-very gratifying to an actor, to the team when an actor puts that much and gets appreciated, it is precisely for that and it is a very good feeling. So, I have very happy for Abhishek and for the whole team."

Actually Ash was the first choice of Dostana but she refused to act alongside Abhishek over fears that their real-life relationship would overshadow the film's gay theme. Whatsoever, the film turned out well at the box office.

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