Ash is both my friend and daughter, says Big B

Bonding between bahurani (daughter-in-law) Aishwarya Bachchan and sasur (father-in-law) Amitabh Bachchan is quite remarkable. This sasur-bahu duo is seen in various occasions and they gel quite well between them. Shooting usually keeps the family members in distant for long time and they find themselves fortunate when they happen to meet together during some occasions. The family had a blast together when they meet after a gap. Amitabh adores Aishwarya a lot and treats her like his daughter.

In an interview given to a website, the Big B gushed “She is not like a friend but a friend. In fact, she is my daughter and not daughter-in-law. If you are noticing us together on every occasion, it's because the situation demands so. Neither Aishwarya nor me are self-appointed detectives trailing each other.”

Big B has spent a considerable amount of time with his bahu and beta at the unforgettable tour. His experience of the concert has been awesome and he is again back to his acting suit. He has received rave reviews for his performance in 'The Last Lear'.