Ash delays Hollywood projects for Abhi

Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan at Sarkar Raj premiereAishwarya is equally prominent in Hollywood as she is in Bollywood but she gives more prominence to her family and hubby Abhishek’s career. At the present moment, she is more focused on stabilizing Abhi’s swinging career and for that she has delayed some of her Hollywood projects. She has few films in the streamline with him which can only boost up his career. For the betterment of Abhishek, she has delayed two of her important Hollywood projects. One is Roland Joffe’s Singularity opposite Brendan Fraser and the other one is Chaos, which stars Meryl Streep.

Ash has committed to those Hollywood projects verbally but till now she has failed to give them dates. She is focusing more on Mani Ratnam’s film (with hubby Abhishek) and Shankar’s Robot which also stars Abhi in a pivotal role and has already given dates to them. She will start shooting those films soon after she returns from the Unforgettable tour which is starting from July 18.

After marriage, she has lessened her work and is prominently seen with family in social gatherings as family comes first for Ash.