Ash comes down to attend ail father

Aishwarya Bachchan at Mumbai airport"My father is my inspiration," said Aishwarya. A daughter who is stimulated and ignited by the thoughts and will power of her father always wanted to stay near him at his crisis period. Similar is the case of Ash. Her father is going through the third session of chemotherapy and she feels that to stand beside him at this critical period is her moral duty. Thinking so, she took a short break from the unforgettable tour to attend her sick father with hubby Abhishek.

Ash declared that her father is strong enough to get over any sort of pain and hard process of treatment. She at the same time praised her mother’s strong will power and feels she is strong enough to support and inspire her father and boost up the morale of the family. She remarks that the family is handling the crisis period very bravely.

After attending ail Mr Rai, they have again joined the Unforgettable troupe and performed at the Houston show.