Ash and Sush will play a similar role of historical figure Rani Lakshmibai

Actresses Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai have always been compared with one another, more so perhaps because the two bollywood beauties came into the limelight at the same time. While Sush went on to become Miss Universe in 1994, during the same year Ash won the title of Miss World 1994. Now both the X-beauty queens have set their hearts on playing the historical character of Rani Lakshmibai. However neither Ash nor Sush seem fazed about the other playing the same role.
Ash will play the role of Queen Rani Lakshmibai who was a brave warrior during the British rule. The film will be produced by Ketan Mehta. However recently even Sush has announced that she will be playing the role of the queen under her own production banner Tantra. But Sush does not feel threatened by Ash playing the same role; she said “Why should I shelve my film because Ash is playing Rani Lakshmibai too, in Ketan Mehta’s film? She will do it in her own way and I wish her all the best.” For Sushmita, the film on Lakshmibai will be her dream project and hence she wants to plan and organize everything well in advance before she starts the project.

According to sources, Sush would like for her current beau Manav Menon who is an ad-filmmaker to direct the film, but Sush only claims that the director will hopefully be from Hollywood. As part of training for the role of Lakshmibai, Sush will train in horse riding and sword fighting. Sush elaborates “My film will be based purely from the perspective of Lakshmibai as a mother. She didn’t want the British to kill her adopted son and she succeeded in her mission.”

Rani Lakshmibai was a brave warrior and fought for her state, she was also known as Rani of Jhansi. Lakshmibai had an adopted son, Damodar Rao who was the heir to her throne. Unfortunately though the British refused to accept her adopted son as the legal heir to the throne and tried to annex the state of Jhansi under this pretext. Rani Lakshmibai fought a fierce battle against the British and died fighting them. She is remembered as one of the most brave nationalist, patriotic, woman warrior of her times during the struggle for India’s independence.