Ash, Abhi have no plans for child

Though they were married for more than two years now, Bollywood's sizzling couple Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan have no plans to extend his family at the moment as they are busy with their commitments. They have signed many projects and both focused on their individual career. When Bachchan junior was asked when we can hear the good news from them, he slyly replied, “We feel that a child is God’s gift and frankly have not planned about having a child as of now because both of us are quiet busy with work. As and when we do have a child, what is of primary importance is that we should have a healthy child and it is immaterial whether we have a son or a daughter”.

In the past few films, Abhishek paired with his wife and in some of his future projects too he has Ash as his on-screen partner. He is not in the favor of having Ash in all his films but if the film and the director demands so, he will be more than happy to cast opposite her but there is no any hard and fast rule to have Ash only. “ It is petty to think that I maneuver to have Ash in every film of mine. I do not decide who should be cast in a film as my leading lady. I do not insist that Ash should be my leading lady. I did two films last year after marriage and Ash was not there in them at all. Ash was not there in Delhi 6 with me. Mani wanted her in his film which has a working title like Ravana and Abhinav Deo was keen that she should be a part of his film”, said Abhishek.

Abhi's Drona and Delhi 6 both did not fare well at the box office in spite of putting lots of hard work. Next he is looking forward to Balki’s Pa in which he has been cast with his dad.