Aseem Merchant defies Priyanka Chopra’s legal notice

It seems that there is no love left between Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra and her ex-boyfriend, actor Aseem Merchant. It was recently revealed that Priyanka’s lawyer has sent a legal notice to Aseem to stop him from making a biopic on her former manager Prakash Jaju. A copy of the notice was sent to Prakash himself. The actress believes that in the pretext of a biopic, the film will unfairly focus on her personal and professional life. The notice also asked for the withdrawal of all publicity material of the film. But Aseem Merchant, the producer of the film has made it clear that he will be going ahead with the project and will not succumb to any pressure.

Priyanka had an ugly fall out with her manager Prakash Jaju back in 2008. Jaju claimed that Priyanka owes him a lot of money but is refusing to pay. Later her father, (late) Dr Ashok Chopra filed an FIR against Jaju for interfering in her life and threatening the family members. Jaju was arrested and spent 67 days in prison. Inspired by the events, the biopic has been titled ‘67 days’. Reacting to Priyanka’s notice Aseem said, “We are going ahead with the project and we do not want to succumb to any pressure tactics. We have already replied to her notice." Aseem made it clear that he is not looking for anyone’s approval, "We have bought the rights of Prakash Jaju's biopic. So no, I am not showing the film's script to anyone.'

His lawyer Alankar Kripkekar explained the situation to the media, "I can only say that we have the rights to Jaju's biopic, 67 days, and we are going ahead with the project. Withdrawing publicity material of the film is simply not true. The film is in its nascent stage right now, as we have not yet written the script of the film. As for defamation, why would we want to defame anyone? It is Prakash Jaju's story and we are going to stick to it.” Prakash Jaju asked Priyanka to take a stand only after reading the final script. Prakash said, "If she still has any objection, then we shall drop the film. I don't want to hurt her sentiments. The film is about me, not Priyanka. She is just a chapter in that."

Aseem and Priyanka dated way back in 2000 when she became ‘Miss World’. He recently established his company Limelight Motion Pictures Pvt Ltd and shortly after, announced the biopic project.