Arshad Warsi turns director

Actor turned producer Arshad Warsi has now taken up direction. It was his long time wish to excel in every department of filmmaking. He will very soon direct his film and is on the preparatory task. To learn every nooks of direction, he is consulting a book named ‘Actors Turns Directors’ which his close friend Kabir Khan has gifted him. He says, “"I have many dreams — very big ones - one of them is to become a director. This year, I plan to and am reading a couple of scripts. I am seriously planning to make realistic commercial films. It's a natural progression for me; first an actor, then producer and now director."

Arshad had recently stepped into 40 glorious years of his life and on the occasion of his birthday, he had a small get-together with his family and close friends like Mini and Kabir Khan, Roshan Abbas and Amit Ashar. Arshad cooked dinner for them, "I love cooking; though in all modesty, Maria is a better cook. This year, I wanted to whip up some special stuff for my birthday. I make my own dishes using and mixing my own ingredients. I made chicken korma, veg koftas abd dal-rice. For dessert, there was a lovely fruitcake we ordered from out."

He had also assisted Mahesh Bhatt in ‘Tere Mere Sapne’ where he was one of the lead actors.