Arshad to settle up with Maria

Media may have written many masaladar splitting stories about actor Arshad Wasi and wife Maria but the actor declares that all’s well between him and his wife and straight away after returning from Wai where he is shooting for Vishal Bhardwaj's next project he will settle up the issue cordially. 

Maria was upset as Arshad failed to give time to her and their two children. In frustration, she has spoken out everything and media had immediately suckled the news. "Maria is upset. She has every right to be. If I were in her place I'd be upset, too," claims Arshad. He is a total family man and his family means a lot to him. Arshad agrees that Maria’s allegation about him is correct but sometime for the sake of work; he is bound to remain away from them. 

"Maria is my 'complete woman'. Her values, ethics, principles remain unmatched. Fights happen, every couple fights, but I'm waiting to get home and make things right," shares Arshad who is incomplete without his kids and wife.

In Golmaal Returns, Arshad tattooed Saif's name to woo Kareena but he claimed that if he were to get a real tattoo done, it would read his two sons, Zeke and Zene!

Hope Arshad returns to his family soon!