Armaan Kohli fights on ‘Bigg Boss’ for food

Some people were of the opinion that this season of ‘Bigg Boss’ is little cold and the contestants are boring. But it was no longer than second day, that the contestants have started showing their true colors and thereby proving their presence.

Armaan Kohli is one chap who is seen picking up fights at petty issues. Of course he must be cursing his stars after he was put to the hell side of the house. What next, he is fuming at small issues. On day 3, the basic facilities of water and cooking gas were switched off. Some got furious whereas some understood a task coming their way. Then jehannum wasis were asked to churn two wheels in order to ensure water and gas supply to jannatwasis. First jehannumwasis took the task sportingly but later started complaining. Then Armaan was seen getting furious uncontrollably on the heaven inmates. But why was he so angry, when he knew the rules of the house.

Later when Armaan was offered food, he complained about his small portion. Then out of anger, he spilled the dal. He asked for more dal. Heaven mates Andy and Gauhar discussed his inappropriate behavior. Then later, the entire house joined together where the agenda was to discuss the limited ration and how everybody should be sensitive towards it. There Gauhar failed to put her words in place and irked hell mates especially Armaan as well as heaven mates.

Meanwhile, Anita Advani opened up a little and told Andy a little about her relationship with Rajesh Khanna. However she didn’t go into details. Well, viewers are eager to listen from her.

Gauhar became the sore of eyes of many at the house of ‘Bigg Boss’. On the fourth day, a twist came wherein one member from each side was supposed to get exchanged. Armaan went to the heaven side and Gauhar was asked to go the hell side. Now the real fun will begin.

Delicate darling Pratyusha cried with pain at a minor cut during the task. She got sympathy from everybody. On 4th day morning, Pratyusha, Armaan and Ratan were discussing something. Ratan told that even after 2 years, relationships fallout. Pratyusha felt that it was a direct hit to her as recently she broke off with her boyfriend. Then, started a 10 minutes of catfight between the two, which was then followed by waterworks. Overall, spice factor gradually going up on the show!