Anushka Big fan of Madhuri’s Dance

Actress Anushka Sharma is a big fan of dancing diva and actress Madhuri Dixit. At the recently held IIFA function at Macau, Anushka Sharma was draped in an ivory colored gown in sheer fabric for the main awards function. In that awards function, a number of celebrities performed live. One of the celebrities among them was Madhuri Dixit.

Anushka after receiving the award was talking to the in house media when she heard of the live performance of Madhuri. She ran in a hurry fearing she might miss the diva’s performance. As she ran, the fabric of her gown got stuck to a protruding screw and it tore off. This shows how eagerly she wanted to see the senior actress perform.

According to a source, “Anushka was draped in an expensive ivory-coloured gown from the house of Roberto Cavalli. She was interacting with the in-house video team post receiving her award, when she got to know about Mads’ performance. She literally ran from the spot and got her dress caught in the process. The fabric tore on a screw that was jutting out.”

Well, Anushka is one of the celebrities who beautifully carry the attire and the makeup. She has been complimented by various designers for wearing their costumes with elegance. An insider said, “Anushka was in love with her gown. In the past, she has been complimented by the designer himself on how graciously she carries off his creations. But looks like this time, the actress had her priorities elsewhere.” 

Madhuri performed in the IIFA function for the first time. She received standing ovation from the audiences for her performance. She started her performance with her popular dance numbers like ‘Dola re dola’, ‘Mera Piya Ghar Aaya’ and ‘Ek do teen’ among others. Madhuri also performed on the recent dance numbers. She concluded her performance with ‘Ghagra’ dance from the recently released movie ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’. Audiences at Macau were overwhelmed to see her move gracefully and seductively on the dance numbers.

Madhuri’s dance and acting are an inspiration for a number of Bollywood heroines. Many actresses watch her video religiously to get the idea of natural acting and expressive dancing.

These days, Madhuri is also appearing on small screen. She is the judge at a reality dance show. On the show also she performed a number of times on the requests of contestants. According to contestants it is a blessing to see Madhuri dance. They learnt how to be expressive during dancing from her