Anu Malik to leave Indian Idol?


Talent-hunt show ‘Indian Idol’ is facing difficult time from one of the main judges Anu Malik. According to sources, the Anu Malik is not so happy with his remuneration and also with the fact that he is not getting enough footage during the publicity of the show. It’s Sunidhi Chauhan, the new female judge of the show, who is getting maximum media glare and is pushed to the limelight to grab the eyeballs. Not just that, she is even better paid than the blunt judge.   
Understandably, this has ticked off the musician who also shares cold vibes with Sunidhi. Recently, Anu showed what he can do if things are not in his favor. He was supposed to attend a promotional event in Delhi for ‘Indian Idol 5’, and he chose not to show up. ‘Indian Idol 5’ starts from 26th April.  
“Yes, we do have issues with Anu Malik, but it’s nothing that can’t be sorted out.” one channel official confirmed.