Another lovers spat between Saif and Rosa

Saif Ali Khan is currently basking in the praise and rave reviews he received for his performance in Omkara where he plays a negative role. He is also currently shooting for his next Yash Raj Film Tara Rum Pum with co-star Rani Mukherjee in New York. Earlier on girlfriend Rosa too was with him in New York, but now according to sources the Italian model has returned to India and is currently packing her bags to head back home to Italy. According to sources Saif and Rosa had a huge fight and disagreements between the couple have been brewing for quite some time now.
Just recently too there were reports of things not going well between the couple as Saif was not too happy about Rosa’s decision to join the glam world . But Saif and Rosa managed to brush them aside and termed it as just another ‘lover’s quarrel’. But now once again the couple seems to be at loggerheads, so is it just another ‘lovers tiff’ or one of the more serious rows. Well for Rosa to head back to Mumbai to pack her bags and leave for her hometown, it definitely must be something serious. Sometime back Saif was so smitten with his ladylove that he even announced that he and Rosa definitely had plans to tie the knot soon. Even the actor’s kids are pretty close to Rosa.

However though Rosa confirms that she has returned to Mumbai she insists it is for prior commitments and not because she is going back home to Italy. Rosa also claims that there is no disagreement between her and Saif and that she has no intentions of leaving the country. She says “I came back to Mumbai to finish some work and resume my yoga classes.” Well lover’s tiff or not Rosa definitely takes her yoga classes seriously! However Saif who is in New York says “I have heard these rumours about our split too, but we’re doing well for ourselves as a couple. We can’t help it if people think our relationship is in trouble. The fact is that we’re happy together.”

As for the rumours of his and co-star Rani’s cold war, Saif says “Rani and I have shared a cordial professional relationship ever since we did Hum Tum together. I won’t say Rani and I are close friends but we connect well on the sets. We do our work together and go our respective ways after that.” However Saif claims that the rumours of his war with Rani could have been speculated as, when Rosa came to New York he decided to move into an apartment with her rather than stay at the same hotel as the rest of the cast and crew of the film. But Saif claims that he only moved into the apartment with Rosa for some peace and privacy, but that earlier before Rosa came to New York he was staying in the same hotel as the rest of the cast.