Anita Advani breaks down at 'Bigg Boss' house

The show has just begun and the contestants are either getting emotional or practicing some water works. Anita Advani, who is one of the contestants at the show, broke down at the show.

‘Bigg Boss’ started on 15th and all the contestants entered the house. ‘Bigg Boss’ house is divided into two parts of heaven and hell. A few contestants went to heaven part which was beautifully decorated and had all the amenities while a few contestants went to hell which was a rustic looking house devoid of basic facilities like western loo and running water in washrooms.

Real life couple Apurva and Shilpa got to the different parts of the house. While Shilpa got heaven, Apurva got hell. In the confession room, Tanisha admitted that she was feeling bad about the couple who had to stay separately.

Day 1 began after the invisible warden gave a wakeup call and welcomed all the contestants. Gauhar, Anita and Shilpa got inside the kitchen and took over cooking responsibilities. They are supposed to cook both for heaven housemates as well as hell housemates. An iron frame separates heaven and hell. At the hell side of the house, the housemates were asked to clean the house. There was dust and dirt. Their work was divided. Pratyusha was assigned the task of mopping and sweeping the floor, Kushal was cleaning the mattresses. Apurva cleaned the toilets while Elli filled water. Arman was supervising the work.

The love birds, Shilpa and Apurva exchanged sweet gestures through the fencing.

After that ‘Bigg Boss’ announced the process of nomination where in members from heaven can nominate two members from hell for voting out of house. During nomination, Anita Advani broke down and started crying. She seemed sad. When ‘Bigg Boss’ asked her the reason for her sadness, she didn’t reveal anything. It seems she is still to open her kitty.

Later Tanisha and Kushal were seen chatting and Kushal confessed of being an alcoholic. Tanisha advised her to leave alcohol. Andy was given a task of conducting an interview with hell housemates who were nominated. Shilpa assisted him in this task. While this session was on, Gauhar asked a question to Pratyusha which irked her a little. Later Gauhar explained Pratyusha what she meant.

The first episode clearly showed that people are very well masked and as the episodes will progress their masks will come off.