Rhea Kapoor ousts Ojha, favors boyfriend

Bollywood is well accustomed with Sonam Kapoor’s attitude and now another headache is her younger sister Rhea Kapoor, the producer of ‘Aisha’. Rhea is no way less than her older sister. She has made the life of the director of the film, ‘Aisha’ horrible. Rhea’s boyfriend Karan Boolani is playing as assistant to director Rajshri Ojha. But the younger Kapoor is so biased towards the director that she has sidelined him and giving more importance to Karan. She not only disagrees to Rajshri’s viewpoint but every time pushing her boyfriend forward so that he comes into the focus.

Rajshri becomes minority on the set of ‘Aisha’ despite being the captain of the ship. Rhea was so much bias in her approach that it was quite evident to all. During an outdoor shoot, Rhea pushed Karan ahead of Rajshri. Poor Rajshri was not allowed to work freely and not even able to express his opinion, he was mere a showpiece on the set.

Sonam Kapoor too was biased towards the director and supporting her sister. Inspite of knowing the injustice meted to the director, papa Anil Kapoor is keeping mum. What more surprising is that no word has yet came from Anil Kapoor although he is not quite fond of Karan.

Before the film hits the theatre, 'Aisha' is making news for all wrong reasons.