Anil Kapoor floors New Yorkers

Anil Kapoor came, floored and conquered the enthusiastic media in New York at Studio 18's well-attended press conference of Shortkut on Monday evening held at the upmarket Praana Restaurant in Manhattan.
Anil flew from Los Angeles (where he was shooting for 24) to New York to address the media about his forthcoming production, which releases worldwide on Friday, 10th July.
"10th July is an important day on two counts. Not only does Shortkut release on the 10th but I start my third production with director Aneez Bazmee, with whom I've worked before in No Entry and Welcome. The film has been in pre-production for some time and goes into production on the 10th," remarked the congenial and humble veteran.
Commenting on Shortkut he added, "It is a fun commercial film, which you can sit back and enjoy with your family. I'm not expecting any critical acclaim or awards for it. Its job is to entertain." He laughed about Shortkut being spelt with a K."A numerologist told me K would be lucky for Shortkut. It better be or else I'll hammer him!"
Anil flies to Los Angeles today to shoot the fifth episode of 24. This evening, he will attend Studio 18's second US conference for Shortkut in L.A. at the plush Chakra Cuisine, which is where the Slumdog Millionaire reception is rumoured to have taken place.