Anil Kapoor celebrates his birthday today

Anil KapoorAnil Kapoor happens to be one of the leading stars dotting the Bollywood celestial firmament. Born of parents Nirmal and Surinder Kapoor on the 24thof December, Anil Kapoor comes of a filmy background. While both his father and elder brothers happen to be involved with film making and directing, the youngest of Kapoor brothers- Sanjay Kapoor has had his tryst with acting.

In a long career spanning beyond three decades, Kapoor tried his hands at various genres of acting ranging from serious to comic down to those peppered with smashes of romanticism. Delineating wide assortment of roles including those of commercial as well as critical importance, Anil Kapoor’s is a time tested journey through the glories of stardom

Having had the flavor of international success by means of Danny Boyale’s accolade winning masterpiece ‘Slumdog Milionaire’; Anil Kapoor’s advent into the annuls of stardom began with ‘Humhare Tumhare’. Casted in a supporting role, Anil Kapoor’s beginning in 1980 was followed up by a series of small time roles in films such as ‘Hum Panch’, ‘Shakti’, ‘Mashal & ‘Oudh’. With ‘Meri Jung’ providing an insight into the maturity of Kapoor’s orientation towards acting; box- office potboilers ‘Karma’ and ‘Mr. India’ heralded his foray into superstardom. Gaining widespread commercial success and critical accolades, Kappor had the country rocking to his breathtaking performance in ‘Tezaab’. 

Having delineated roles to focus angry vibrancy of youth down to rollickingly casual street Romeo, Anil Kapoor escalated the pinnacle of glory with a series of entertainers such as ‘Ram Avatar’, ‘Ram Lakhan’, ‘Parinda’and ‘Eshwar’. The last one in the fray proved his versatility as an actor as the action and dance friendly superhero was seen delineating the role of an autistic character.

Anil Kapoor’s journey through the entire nineties down to the present day has been marked by phenomenal success, calculated risk and hard work. While on the one hand, he has been serving the box office platter by means of flicks such as ‘Beta’, ‘Kishen Kanhaiya’,’Roop ki rani….’ and ‘Deewana Mastana’; on the other hand he has been equally successful in essaying serious and thought provoking roles. Ranging from ‘Lamhe’ down to ‘1942- A love story’; Kapoor proved his mettle in a series of offbeat entertainers including ‘Nayak’, ‘Bulandi ‘and ‘Tashan’. Having had his brief stint in the southern filmdom as well, Kapoor had his roles to offer in American television soaps as well.

Having had his hands tried in the realm of production also, Anil Kapoor – the proud father of the current cine star Sonam Kapoor is one of the iconic images of B town.