Anderson arrives in India, chaos at the airport

Baywatch star Pamela Anderson arrived in Mumbai last night and with her arrival a chaos created at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Dressed in a long grey outfit, Anderson flew all the way from Los Angeles for the reality show Bigg Boss. Her duration of stay in the house is not yet fixed.

Even it was raining and her flight was two hours late, media person awaited for her with bated breath to capture the first glimpse of the hot star. As Pamela walked out of the airport, several media persons surrounded her and blocked her way to her car.

Out of ruckus, she was pushed to the glass door of the airport and she had to again enter inside the airport. She left the airport with a different exit. The other passengers had to face a great difficulty. They could not leave the airport unless Anderson moved out.

Pamela will be entering the Bigg Boss 4 house in Lonavala on Tuesday morning. She was reportedly paid Rs.2.5 crore for her three days stays in the house and she is very "excited".