Amrita kicked Usman for a new man

Amrita AroraAmrita Arora and Usman Afzal’s break up is not unanimous but one sided. Distance or Amrita’s career is not the prime reason of their split up. In fact, the truth behind their breaking up is the arrival of a new man in her life and therefore she has kicked out cricketer Usman from her life. Without much thought, she has broken up her fours years’ long relationship with Usman over phone.

According to a reliable source, a few months back, Amrita met her new man and fallen for him. The man in question is a Hyderabad based well-established businessman who has no connection with the glamour world. At many occasions, Amrita was spotted with him. Not much has been known about how and when she met her new man and what made her to break up her relationship with Usman but we can say one thing that Amrita has done exactly the same as her best friend Kareena Kapoor.